Cultural & Touristy Places in Madrid, Spain - Part 2/2

Having spent a week there, I believe you can explore a majority of Madrid in 2-3 whole days. My family mostly went out in the morning to afternoon because the oldies couldn’t handle doing activities all day long. I would be out all day if it was just me or with friends.


Tip: To maximize your travel efficiency, lay out and plan out places you’re going to go beforehand that way you can find and list out places that are within a short distance of each other, saving you time and money. I suggest utilizing Google My Maps as tool for creating your custom map with added pins for multiple locations.

Madrid - Day 2

7. Metropolis Building

Price: Free

Time Spent: 5 – 10 mins

Touristy?: Not really

When you reach the end of Gran Vía, you’ll be able to see the metropolis building. It’s a lot nicer at night because the lights will be lit and it won’t be so crowded with tourist.

8. Prado National Museum (Museo Nacional del Prado)

Price: Free

Time Spent: 1 – 2 hours

Touristy?: Yes, but tolerable

Generally, this museum isn’t free, but they have selected days of the week within a certain time frame that you can get in for free. I suggest going to the their website to check that time slot. Be warned though, the line was crazy long. It stretched and wrapped around to the end of the museum, but the line moves pretty quickly. The ticket person just hands out tickets one by one, and you’ll be on your way. If you have a backpack with you, then they will make you check it in at the lobby. As for the art, it pertains to old Spanish art, so a good majority of it is based off of Catholicism. The only artist I know is Diego Velázquez for Las Meninas.

Madrid - Day 3

9. Puerta de Alcalá

Price: Free

Time Spent: 10 – 20 mins

Touristy?: Nah

This was a nice short stop, but it was a bit out of the way compared to the rest of places because you have to take the subway just to see this landmark and the place itself doesn’t really have a designated area to take pictures, relax, or admire the landmark. It’s because it’s surrounded by streets and constantly moving cars. There’s no pathway that will lead you to the structure itself. It is nice with all the flowers around it, but you’re not missing out on anything if you don’t go to it.

10. El Retiro Park

Price: Free

Time Spent: 2 – 3 hours

Touristy?: Nah. I mean it’s huge.

This was my favorite place to see because it’s a freakishly huge park that’s a few hundred acres. We didn’t even get to explore the entire park because we were so tired from all the walking. The plants were pretty much dead, but I’m positive that it would be beautiful in the springtime. I love the lake there with lots of sculptures and monuments. Instagram worthy here.

Also, they had the Crystal Palace there with another smaller lake adjacent to it. It was a nice view. There was huge, interesting sculpture in the palace.

11. Real Jardín Botánico

Price: General ticket: 6 Euros, Between 18-25: 4 Euros, Seniors (65+): 2.50 Euros

Time Spent: 30 mins – 1 hour

Touristy?: Hell nah. It was winter. Nothing was alive.

If you’re going during the winter time like I did, it’s not worth going here because all the plants are essentially dead and it’s when the planters and workers do most of their work, so you’ll see the plants uprooted with dirt everywhere. Definitely not presentable. Go in the spring.

Madrid - Day 4

12. Círculo de Bella Artes

Price: 4 Euros

Time Spent: 20 – 30 mins, unless you drinking and chilling

Touristy?: Not bad

A rooftop bar that definitely gives you a nice view of Madrid. I came here with my mom and grandpa, so I’m sure you can imagine the amount of stares we got from strangers. The type of environment is more so for a younger audience. I would come here at night rather than the day just because I think it’s a lot nicer to see city when it lights up.

Madrid - Day 5

13. Museo Reina Sofia

Price: Free

Time Spent: 1 hour, unless you’re really into contemporary art

Touristy?: Nope

If you’re into contemporary art, unlike me, then this is the place for you. Like Museo Nacional del Prado, they also offer certain times where you can get free entry, usually during the evening, but the line was much shorter. The only artist I know of is Pablo Picasso for Guernica, so my mom and I spent about an hour there. We skipped a majority of the museum because we did not know what we were looking at. Good thing we went during the free entry period.

And that’s the end of part two. Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of your week.

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