Touristy Places for Sightseeing in Singapore

The next Asian country I traveled to was Singapore, a country that’s filled with a multitude of diverse cultures from its neighboring countries.

Because Singapore is near the equator, about 1 degree away (~70 miles), all they experience is wet and dry seasons. So, when you step off that plane, it’s hot and humid like crazy. There was not a single second where I wasn’t sweating. Better find yourself a shelter with AC. Luckily, Singapore’s airport is the first place I’d recommend as a tourist destination.

1. Singapore's Changi Airport

It currently holds the title for World’s Best Airport and I definitely agree after my trip there. It such a massive airport, having everything you could imagine there, from beautiful, luscious gardens to a swimming pool on the rooftop. There’s mesmerizing art pieces, a hello kitty cafe, interactive games on the Social Tree, 24/7 cinema, and a napping lounge. I heard there also going to construct the world’s largest indoor waterfall at the Changi Jewel with 5-story forest valley, sky decks, and trams looping around the area. As if this places isn’t large enough already! This is probably the only place I’d want to be stuck at with a long layover.

2. Gardens By The Bay

Definitely get your money’s worth here at this destination. Gardens By The Bay is a massive nature park that’s about 250 acres.

With Supertree Grove, it’s these enormous trees that were created as part of the conservatories’ cooling system in an effort for environmental sustainability. You’ll noticed plants growing on these tree as a vertical garden. Between two of these 12 Supertrees, there’s an elevated walkway that gives a scenic view of the garden. Now this part isn’t free. Admissions is about S$8 (~ $6 USD) for this part. It’s not for you if you have a fear of heights, like me, but I went on it anyways, for the gram, but also I didn’t want it to stop me from enjoying my travel journey.

Next stop is Cloud Forest, still within Gardens By The Bay, but admissions is S$28 (~ $21 USD) for two of their conservatories. First thing you’ll noticed is the mountainous indoor waterfall, known as The Falls, that covers the surrounding area in mist. Feels so good after being hit with humidity from outside. The whole section is all within a glass dome with long pathways to see and explore so many varieties of vibrant plants. As you walk through, you’ll get to the top of the waterfall where there’s a bridge, overlooking the entire garden dome, known as Cloud Walk. There’s also other sections of the dome that not only beautiful to see, but also educational in terms of the environment, such as the Lost World, Crystal Mountain, and the Secret Garden.

The second dome is the Flower Dome, which is included with your admissions ticket. There are so many flowers and plants to take a picture with, especially at the Flower Fields, and they come from all over the world. When I was there, it was during the fall, so there was a giant sculpture of a man made of pumpkins and other fall-themed fruits and veggies.


3. Sentosa, Singapore

An island resort off the coast of Singapore that has so many outdoor things to do and places to see. Universal is on the same island. My friend and I did a segway small tour of the island. It was either this or bungee jumpy, and with my fear of heights, we segwayed. I liked learning how to ride it, but personally, I don’t think it’s worth it because it was a pretty short tour, more like just back and forth down a driveway. Prices range from S$17 – S$40 (~ $13 – $30 USD). I believe we had the cheapest and shortest option, so that could explain why I didn’t think it was worth it. Aside from that, there are other outdoor activities, like their waterpark, indoor skydiving, rock climbing, and ziplining at Mega Adventure Park.

4. Trick Eye Museum

On the same island is the Trick Eye Museum, an internationally renowned optical illusion art museum that incorporates Augmented Reality (AR). Tickets are about S$25 (~ $19 USD). Perfect for those who want funny and silly photos. Let’s just say there were way too many photos of me that uploading them took a few hours.

5. The Helix Bridge

Simply put, it’s a walkway bridge with overarching canopies in the shape of a DNA sequence that links the Marina Center with South of Marina Bay. The sequence doesn’t seem to match anything that is known as of today, so it’s possibly random. At night when the bridge lights up, it’s amazingly beautiful. We crossed this bridge to get to our next destination, which is down below.

6. ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

When you arrive, you’ll notice the building’s architectural shape of a lotus. Getting in, you get to choose which museum(s) you want to see. My friend and I chose 2 out of the 3 exhibits that were there. It was certain that we wanted to go see the Future World exhibit. That’s where all the instagram worthy photos are taken. I don’t remember the other exhibit, but it seems like it’s no longer available according to their website.

Thanks for checking out my post on Touristy Places for Sightseeing in Singapore. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or tell me about other places I may have missed when you went to Singapore. 

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