Cheap Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Let's talk Dim Sum.

Hong Kong is generally an expensive place to visit. After having spent a semester there aboard, I thought I’d share some of my discovery for cheap dim sum places to help the average traveler experience authentic dim sum.

1. Zhen Restaurant Contemporary Dim Sum (Western District)

This was the first dim sum restaurant I went to when I arrived to Hong Kong. I chose this place because I wanted to eat cute animal shaped dim sum and it was near the HKU campus. Do not walk outside though, even if it’s close. The walk was actually intense. It was hot, humid, and there was a giant hill. Instead, you should walk through the MTR at the HKU station, exit B2. Coming into the restaurant, I was so relieved they had AC (“air con” if you’re British).

For lunch, we ordered the Steamed Gold Fish Dumplings, Panda Egg Yolk Lava Bun, Piggy BBQ Pork Bun, and the Homemade Puff with Citrus. 

The total came out to $132 HKD for 3 people, which comes out about to $5.60 USD per person. Pretty filling and light lunch. I can’t say the same for people who eat more than I do though.

2. Fresco Dim Sum (Kennedy Town)

This was the place where 5 girls ordered towers of dim sum. We were all so hungry. We didn’t mean to overorder, but everything seemed so good. We ordered at least 15 dishes.

I recommend the Siu Mai, Beef Short Ribs with Black Pepper Sauce, and Sticky Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf (Lo Mai Gai). Each dish ranges from $12-$24 HKD, so maybe that’s why we over ordered. I really wish I kept the picture of the tower of dim sum > <. It was incredible because each person paid about $7 USD ($55 HKD) for our tower of dim sim.

3. Dim Dim Sum (Mong Kok)

I came here after a pretty heavy rainfall, so tea was a must. The menus are typically written in Mandarin, but you can ask for an English menu.

After coming here, I recommend ordering the BBQ Pork Buns because they are downright the creepiest looking pigs I’d ever seen. They look like ghost!

Oh, and what tripped me out the most was their Mushroom Taro Buns. I thought my friend had ordered just mushrooms and I was not willing to eat it. It wasn’t until my friend ripped it open to reveal its purple filling. The brown coating is chocolate powder. It was so good. Each dish ranges from $20 – $30 HKD and our billed totaled about $157 HKD for 3 people, making it about $6.71 USD per person.

4. Sun Hing Restaurant (Kennedy Town)

Very popular place for cheap dim sum on the island side. It’s a small restaurant with loads of people coming in and out of the restaurant. It was so crowded and we came here with a group of 6 people. Because Hong Kong is generally crowded, you sometimes have to share tables with strangers and that’s exactly what we did.

When sitting down, you usually order by looking at the menu on the wall. I didn’t know this when I first came. Good thing I had friends who knew Cantonese and Mandarin. Also, they will hand you a big bowl, some small bowls and utensils as well as a water kettle and some tea. FYI, the water kettle is not just for your tea, it’s also for washing your small bowls and utensils in the big bowl.

We ordered a butt load of dishes, from siu mai to steamed pork buns. I would recommend their steamed sweet golden buns. You can see the filling ooze out like lava when you tear it apart. So good! 

All of the dishes are made fresh everyday. You can see the workers in the back making the next batches of food.

The bill came out to be about $400 HKD total for 6 people, which comes out to be about $8.54 USD for 10 different dishes. The average dish ranges from $17 – $28 HKD ($2 – $3.60 USD).

They also open super early at 3 am and close at 4 pm. So, if you stay up late studying or doing work and want dim sum, this is the spot to be at, or deliver from.

5. Tim Ho Wan (Multiple Branches) <3

Cheapest and best quality dim sum there is. They have one Michelin star and they’ve branched out internationally. One is opening up in Irvine, California! Catch me there!

You literally cannot go wrong with any dish there. My family ordered so much. I recommend BBQ Pork Buns (got 2 orders of these) and their Steamed Egg Cake.

Our bill roughly came out to be $280 HKD for this family of 4, which is $8.97 USD per person. We’re talking about a Michelin star rated restaurant for almost $9 a person to be stuffed! 😮

Thanks for reading! If have any other suggestions for cheap dim sum places, I would love to know. I’ll be posting other types of cheap HK food. There were so many dim sum places that I went to during my time there that dim sum needed its own post. 

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