5 Instagram-Worthy Places in Hong Kong

1. Instagram Pier

Located on the waterfront of Sai Wan, Hong Kong, this cargo dock became one of the best places to take photos with my friends. You can definitely get a clear view of Victoria Harbor and there a lot of great spots that can be used as an aesthetic background.


Make sure to not fall off the edge! I heard it’ll close down because people have been falling off into the ocean.

2. Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)

If you want to see a light show, A Symphony of Lights, and take amazing night photos in one location, then this is the place to be! I came to this area with my family when they came to visit me.

At the waterfront, you can see the financial buildings on Hong Kong Island light up at night across the Harbor. I believe the light show starts everyday around 8 pm. There’s space by Hong Kong’s Museum of Art and “Avenue of Stars” for viewers to sit to watch the show.

Also, not too far away is the Clock Tower, a landmark that is the only remnant left of the original Kowloon Station.

3. Victoria Peak

Omg, I remember hiking up this. It was so steep and my friends said it was the easiest hike in Hong Kong. I kept telling them to just go and forget about me. It became the only hike I did while I was there haha. Despite my constant sweating, it was an amazing view when we caught sunset. You can see all of Hong Kong.

Was it worth it? Sure. Just make sure to bring a sweater because it gets cold up there after dark. There’s also a shopping mall at the top, especially if you needed some food or a bathroom break.

Guess what I found out after almost dying. Apparently, you can take the bus or tram at Central Station to the top of the peak ._.

4. Temple Street Night Market

A notorious night market filled with tourists. It’s a pretty good place to take photos if you have a good eye. If other people photo bomb your photo, just photoshop them out, no one will know ;). A few of my friends and I went rooftopping at a building that overlooked the night market and they came out great.

5. Repulse Bay

First time I heard about Repulse Bay, I thought of “repulsive” haha. It’s a small, yet beautiful, beach on the island side, but it is a bit of a travel depending where you’re at. You can take either the MTR to Causeway Bay Station and transfer over to the Causeway Bay Jardine’s Bazaar Bus, or take Pokfield Road Bus Terminus to the beach.

Have yourself a relaxing swim with friends while taking turns to take photos of each other. Just makes sure to check the weather before heading out because we hit some rain on the way back.

A Few More Instagram Worthy Places…

Didn’t get a chance to hit these places up, but maybe next time! 😀

  • Choi Hung Estate
  • Lok Wah Estate
  • Ping Shek Estate
  • Yick Cheong Building
  • Kowloon Peak
  • Cape D’Agular

Thanks for reading! If you have any recommendations for other Instagram Worthy places, feel free to leave a comment.

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