Nothing but Noodles at Nood Beach

Last weekend I went to Nood Beach, a food festival at Huntington Beach that features Pan-Asian noodles hosted by FoodBeast! There were 20 vendors from SoCal who brought dozens of World Premiere menu items that ranged from traditional to modern takes on noodles.  

Live music performances from Snoop Dogg, Dash Berlin, and E-40. Also, a professional eating competition that features professional eaters from all around the country who will take on a 20 LB Ramen Challenge, which cost $65!

Maruchan Gold Ramen - Free!

The first thing that came to our attention was the free ramen! Maruchan had their own booth right by the entrance to promote their new ramen series, Maruchan Gold, with flavors of Spicy Miso and Soy Sauce. They gave us a cooked ramen and one to take home. The cooked ramen came with chasu pork, scallions, and corn. I thought it was well prepared and tasty for instant ramen.

Bird's Nest at Laomazing - $10

The next thing we ate was Laomazing’s Bird’s Nest. The egg noodles are deep fried until they are a crispy golden brown and then softened when drenched with their Lao gravy. The gravy comes with cuts of tender beef, quail eggs that burst in your mouth as you bite into it, star-shaped carrots, and some greens. 

You get a good mix of crispiness, creaminess, spicy, and salty from this dish. I never had Laotian cuisine before and this was a great introduction.

Garlic Lovers by The Golden Marrow - $18

Probably the most hyped thing there was a grilled bone marrow by The Golden Marrow. I mean just look at it, but it was worth. 

Ordered and ate the Garlic Lovers, which was a grilled bone marrow topped with black garlic sauce, fried garlic, some micro cilantro, and sprinkled with 24K edible gold. Underneath the gigantic bone marrow was egg dumplettes or spaetzle noodles, which is a Central European type of egg noodles. 

Once you scoop the fatty marrow out of the bone and mix it together with spaetzle, it goes together really well. The bone marrow melts into your mouth with a very rich taste. Definitely a new food experience with bone marrow since it’s typically regarded as a delicacy that’s served in fine dining, but they managed to turn it into something more fun and informal.

Hot Nood Pig on a Stick by Ten Asian Bistro - $10

The most fried thing I ate was the Hot Nood Pig on a Stick by Ten Asian Bistro. It’s a thick slab of pork belly that’s been slow-braised, probably an inch thick, wrapped with noodles and then deep fried. It’s topped with parmesan cheese, garlic aioli, and micro cilantro. 

Once you bite into it, you can tell that the pork belly was slow-braised because it was so tender. I really like the crunchiness of the fried noodles that was slathered in garlic aioli. The first few bites were good, but after a while it started to become too much and too heavy to finish.

Smurfberry S‘mores Ice Cream by Hug Life - $10

Lactose-intolerant, but want ice cream? Hug Life’s Smurfberry S’mores is a blueberry flavored noodle-shaped ice cream that’s “antidiary,” according to their sign. The blue ice cream is pushed through a colander to get their noodle shape, on a chocolate covered waffle bowl, and then topped with whipped cream, hot fudge, and marshmallows. 

After the first bite, I could definitely taste coconut, which tells me the ice cream was made from coconut milk, making it dairy free. The blueberry taste was subtle, so it could use some more blueberry flavoring. It was a nice dessert on a very hot day at the beach.

Hibiscus Tea with Guava Juice & Dragon Fruit - $5

Tastea created an event exclusive drink, their Sparkling Hibiscus Tea infused with Guava Juice and topped with Dragon Fruit Bits.

It’s a pretty pink drink that’s light and refreshing. It helped to wash down all the heavy noodle dishes we ate. If you’re not a fan of carbonated drinks, then this isn’t the drink for you.


I got to meet David So and Timothy DeLaGhetto! They were probably there filming for their Youtube food series, Send Foodz. I was so starstruck when I saw them that I was fighting my anxiety of whether I should greet them and ask for a photo, or just not bother them. I’m glad I did it though because they were really nice and I got my photo!

Thanks for reading! Who’s your favorite vendor when it comes to food festivals? Comment below! Would love to check out more places. 

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