Eat from Mouthwatering Vendors at Smorgasburg LA

This past weekend I went to Smorgasburg pop up for the first time at the Santa Monica Pier.

What’s Smorgasburg? It’s an open-air food market, similar to a night market, but during the day. Booths of crazy, instagram-worthy, and delicious types of food line up. This was one foodie’s dream. Usually it’s in downtown LA, but this weekend they also hosted it at the Santa Monica Pier to kick off pride month for the LGBTQ+ community.

Eat from Mouthwatering Vendors at Smorgasburg LA

Shrimp Daddy & Sip Matcha

First paired meal was Shrimp Daddy’s Garlic Butter Shrimp Pineapple Boat along with Sip Matcha’s Strawberry Matcha Milk Tea. These two chains are owned by and heavily endorsed by Youtube celebrities, David So, JK Film’s Bart and Joe, along with their many other Youtube Friends. 

The garlic butter shrimp was so good, even with its shell on. With it being soaked in the sauce, it adds a crunchy texture, also like a chip. The shrimps also come with rice topped with more of their sauce, macaroni salad, and sliced pineapples covered in what seem to be chamoy. 

As for the Milk Tea, the flavors blend beautifully after mixing them together. You get the rich and earthy taste from the authentic matcha. For the added sweetness, you get that from the strawberry flavor at the bottom. Definitely a refreshing drink.

Colorful Korean Mandu at Workaholic

I didn’t know what a mandu was until I ate it from Workaholic at Smorgasburg. Mandu are Korean dumplings 

These were some pretty big mandu, stuffed with lots of its filling. The purple one is Beef Bulgogi, which was more on the sweeter side of the mandu since bulgogi generally tastes sweet from its marinated sauce. The orange mandu is Shrimp and Garlic, and it comes with a generous amount of shrimps in its filling. The brown one (supposedly red) is Spicy Pork and Kimchi, and it was definitely spicy, but also really good. This pushed us to get the slush down below.

Eat from Mouthwatering Vendors at Smorgasburg LA

Strawberry Mint Tea Slush at Lade Slush

A perfect drink to cool yourself off from the beginning of the summer heat or if you just ate something spicy. Lade Slush made it refreshing and tasty. It’s all natural and fruity. Bonus! It’s also vegan, so you can drink it guilt-free. 

Rainbow Popcorn

Aesthetically beautiful. Taste the rainbow with Buttery Popcorn! I initially thought the Rainbow Popcorn was just all around kettle, but each color is a different fruity flavor. I just might buy a bag next time.

They have some many unique flavors of popcorn that range from classic ones like Kettle and Caramel to out of the box ones like Cookies & Cream to Chile Limon. If you aren’t sure what they taste or what you like, feel free to ask them for a sample. They’ll be more than happy to share!

Michelada at Smorgasburg LA's Beer Garden

There’s a beer garden at Smorgasburg. Ages 21+ of course. I Love Michelada offers a variety of Michelada mixed drinks. We got the Mango Michelada served with mango bits, a chamoyed rim, and a chamoy stick. I’m not a big fan of beer, but if you are, it’s good and recommended from my friends.

Eat from Mouthwatering Vendors at Smorgasburg LA

XLB Dumpling at Brothecary

Crazy full with all the food I ate, but I just had to get my hands on this extra large soup dumpling at Brothecary. To my expectations, it wasn’t as big as I thought, like the size of single-served pizza. It was actually the size of my palm, which is about eating 3-4 individual dumplings. 

No doubt that it was still good. It even comes with a straw to drink the broth, but be careful, the broth was sizzling hot. I recommend opening up the dumpling, pouring the dipping sauce into the broth, and mixing it all together to get optimal boost of flavors. 

Thanks for reading! Have you been to Smorgasburg in LA or NYC? Who’s your favorite vendor? Comment below so I can check them out next time. If you haven’t, I recommend going at least once if you’re in LA. 

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